Wella System Professional Styling Instant Reset Dry Shampoo 180ml

Name: Wella System Professional Styling Instant Reset Dry Shampoo 180ml
Brand: Wella
Price: $42.000000AUD
Instantly refreshes and revives hair
This dry shampoo revives tired hair with natural lift and movement. The ultra-fine powder spray instantly absorbs oils on the hair and scalp for a fresh feeling. It is gentle on the scalp with a lightweight and airy feeling on the hair. The ideal second day rescue to revive any hair type instantly, even on the go. With Creative CodeTM for hair full of energy, hair responsiveness.

Ultra-fine powder:Evenly ditributes on hair and absorbs excess oil instantly, leaving hair feeling soft and refreshed! 
Creative CodeTM: Provides hair full of energy and bounce and instantly freshens up the hair. 
Tapioca Starch: Tapioca starch gently absorbs the oil on the scalp and you will feel less residue on hair and scalp, compared with other dry shampoos!

How to use:

Ensure you shake the can well and spray onto the roots of the hair, lifting up the hair strands. Wait for a few seconds and then brush through, styling the hair as usual. Use on dry hair only.

From: Catwalk

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