System Professional Smoothen Shampoo 250ml

Name: System Professional Smoothen Shampoo 250ml
Brand: Wella
Price: $42.000000AUD
For softer, smoother and defined hair
This shampoo is a gentle luxurious cleansing shampoo that provides hair control and smoothness for a soft and silky hair feel. Instantly and effectively transforms unruly textures into a soft and manageable hair. Perfect for those who have coarse hair and has difficulty to tame, or feeling dry and unmanageable. Also suitable for curly hair which needs control and elasticity and hair that tends to frizz and reacts to humidity. 

How to use:

Apply 1 pump of shampoo into damp hair. Apply the Shampoo Relax Massage, then rinse thoroughly.

Hot Tip:
Pair with full Smoothen range to achieve softer and manageable hair for those curly/unruly hair types!

From: Catwalk

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