System Professional Hydrate Mask 200ml

Name: System Professional Hydrate Mask 200ml
Brand: Wella
Price: $55.000000AUD
Restores and retain moisture

This Hydrate Mask provides daily moisture to natural or dry hair without overweighing the hair. This mask replenishes the lost moisture in dry and natural hair. Before treatment the hair feels healthy to rough and dry. Ideal for hair that is difficult to comb.

How to use:

After shampooing with a System Professional Shampoo, use 25g of the mask and apply with a brush directly on the hair, avoiding the scalp. Gently massage with one of the System Professional massage techniques and leave for 5 minutes. Emulsify and rinse thoroughly.

Hot Tip:
For intensly dry hair, combine with the Smoothen range for increased softness.

From: Catwalk

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