Payot Pate Grise Oily/Combination Skin Pack

Name: Payot Pate Grise Oily/Combination Skin Pack
Brand: Payot
Price: $130.400000AUD
The perfect pack for oily/combination skin types
Payot Pate Grise range is best suited for oily/combination skin types as it helps detoxify, smooth and remove impurities from the skin. This pack has been carefully curated to combat oily skin issues and to help you achieve clearer skin!
Pack includes:
1 x Payot Gelee Nettoyante 200ml
1 x Payot Creme Matifiante Velours 50ml
1 x Payot Pate Gris L’Orginale 15ml

Payot Gelee Nettoyante:
Brighten your day and beauty routine with this foaming gel cleanser. Contains creamy activated charcoal microbeads, designed to detoxify and smooth the skin while removing impurities. Ideal for combination to oily, acne-prone skin. Reduces blackheads and blemishes and prevents the appearance of imperfections while decreasing skine and regulating sebum-production. Lightly scented with crushed leaves and rose, your skin will feel soft, pure and purified.  
Payot Creme Matifiante Velours:
This moisturiser is ideal for oily/combination skin types providing a matte finish for up to 8 hours. The light, velvety-smooth fluid provides moisture and hydration to the skin without feeling heavy. This mattifying cream also helps fight against shine and enlarged pores, and regulate excess oils and helps your complexion become clearer and the skin to retain its radiance. Refines and reduces large pores to provide a smoother skin texture.
Payot Pate Gris L’Orginale:
For almost 70 years, Pate Grise L’Originale is the ideal skin care product to speed up the maturing process for small blemishes. Removes minor blemishes and sensitised areas are smoothed. The thick ointment helps calm inflammation while treating and purifying pimples, and preventing the formation of blemishes.

Key Ingredients:
Zinc Extract: Helps regulate sebum production, and provides antibacterial properties to prevent breakouts.

From: Catwalk

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