Payot My Payot Nuit 50ml

Name: Payot My Payot Nuit 50ml
Brand: Payot
Price: $80.000000AUD
Night Repairing Cream
The night cream that wraps skin in a pampering cocoon. Combines extracts to detoxify the skin during the night to leave it feeling rejuvenated, in the morning. Repairs the epidermis to strengthen and reduce signs of stress and fatigue. This rich cream prepares your skin for the day, leaving complexion radiant.

Nourishing & Repairing Repairs the skin and reinforces natural defences against external aggressors to maintain nourishment and protection for the skin.
Anti-Fatigue & Natural Radiance: Combats signs of fatigue by energising, reviving and stimulating the skin. Increases natural radiancE, leaving skin feeling rested and energised.

Key Ingredients:
Goji Berries Increases the level of antibodies in the skin to help eliminate unwanted substances, while also encrouaging skin cells to regenerate and remain acive. Full of Antioxidants, this ingredient also provides protection against free radical damage, preventing early signs of aging! 
Acai Berries: Regulates water levels in the skin and helps improve the structure of the skin and also encourages natural drainage of toxins. Helps activate blood microcirculation and restore radiance to the skin.
Hazelnut Oil: Improves cell cohesion and nourishes your skin.

How to use:

Apply to cleansed skin before bed, avoiding eye area

Hot Tip:
Complete your glow routine with the My Payot Jour!


Q: Is this only a night cream? A: This product is designed for a night cream, check out the My Payot Jour for a day cream!

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