Payot Creme No2 Nuage 50ml

Name: Payot Creme No2 Nuage 50ml
Brand: Payot
Price: $98.000000AUD
Anti-Redness & Anti-Stress Soothing Care
The surface of our skin is made up of millions of living micro-organisms known as the microbiome. This provides a protective barrier on over our skin. Changes to this microbiome make the skin hyper-sensitive as the skin reacts to UV, cold, stress or hormones, and can overreact causing redness, or irritation. This product works to rebalance these microrganisms to calm feelings of discomfort, reduce irritation and redness. It also protects the skin against external aggressors and moisturises the skin with the light and airy cloud-like texture. Day after day, skin is soothed and luminous.

Anti-Sensitivity Works to rebalance the skins flora to reduce hyper-sensitivity to reduce irritation and redness. It also calms feelings of discomfort to leave skin feeling soothed.
Protective: Protects the skin against external aggressors to reduce sensitivity and heal the skin.

Key Ingredients:
Prebiotics & Probiotics: Nourishes the beneficial bacteria on the skill while reducing harmful bacteria to protect the skin. These are supported by prebiotics by providing additional beneficial bacteria to better rebalance the skin. 
Boswellia: Has a strong anti-inflammatory action, improves micro-circulation and reduces water loss which helps soothe and calm irritation.
Wild Jasmin Extract: Increases tolerance in the skin making them less sensitive to irritation. Also allows the skin to live more harmoniously and helps the skin to better protect itself from daily aggressions.

How to use:

Morning and/or evening, apply to face and neck after thorough cleansing.

Hot Tip:
Complete your skincare routine with Payot Creme No2 L’Originale and Creme No2 CC Cream for a truly relaxing experience.


Q: My skin is really sensitive is this okay? A: This is designed for sensitive skin to soothe and help protect your skin. However, we always recommend a small patch test just in case!

From: Catwalk

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