Payot Creme No 2 Sensitive Skin Pack

Name: Payot Creme No 2 Sensitive Skin Pack
Brand: Payot
Price: $190.400000AUD
Soothing pack
This Creme No2 pack is tailored for sensitive/irritated skin to gently purify, soothe and calm sensitivity. From a creamy gentle makeup remover, to a daily moisturer and an anti-redness treatment, this pack is perfect for those who are unsure which products to purchase from the Payot sensitive skin range! 
Pack includes:
1 x Payot Creme No 2 Eau Lactee Micellaire 400ml
1 x Payot Creme No2 Nuage 50ml
1 x Payot Creme No2 L’Originale 30ml

Payot Creme No 2 Eau Lactee Micellaire:
The first essential step to skin care, this cleanser is tailored for sensitive or intolerant skin to gently remove makeup and impurities while soothing and calming sensitivity. The hybrid milky-micellar texture is extremely gentle, leaving the skin feeling fresh, and nourished by the creamy lotion. Fragrance free, this delicately cleanses the skin while soothing and calming without irritation.
Payot Creme No2 Nuage:
The surface of our skin is made up of millions of living micro-organisms known as the microbiome. This provides a protective barrier on over our skin. Changes to this microbiome make the skin hyper-sensitive as the skin reacts to UV, cold, stress or hormones, and can overreact causing redness, or irritation. This product works to rebalance these microrganisms to calm feelings of discomfort, reduce irritation and redness. It also protects the skin against external aggressors and moisturises the skin with the light and airy cloud-like texture. Day after day, skin is soothed and luminous.
Payot Creme No2 L’Originale:
The unique delivery form of this melt-in salve, and pharmaceutical compound-like formula acts as genuine emergency care to soothe irritation locally and reduce temporary redness. Helps soothe irritation such as chapping, redness and itching and also soothes and reduces minor skin disorders such as skin reactions, sensitivity and areas of dryness patches. This multi-use salve can be used locally as a bandage, prevention from irritation and redness, and also a night mask to provide comfort.

Key Ingredients:
Prebiotics & Probiotics: Nourishes the beneficial bacteria on the skill while reducing harmful bacteria to protect the skin. These are supported by prebiotics by providing additional beneficial bacteria to better rebalance the skin.

How to use:

Apply directly upon first sign of breakout.
Apply twice a day until spot fades.

Hot Tip:
Use Payot Creme No2 L’Originale 30ml as a night mask to leave to work overnight! Leaves skin comfortable and soothed, it regains supplenes and softness

Q: My skin is very sensitive, will this be okay?A: This range/product is designed for sensitive skin, but we always recommend a small test patch!

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