Payot Body Energy Deodorant Fraicheur Energisant 125ml

Name: Payot Body Energy Deodorant Fraicheur Energisant 125ml
Brand: Payot
Price: $38.000000AUD
48-hr anti-perspirant skin perfecting spray
Long lasting and poweful, the Fraicheur Energistant provides anti-perspirant and skin perfecting action in double strength!
With its light and delicate fragrance, this deodarant offers 48 hour antiperspirant effectiveness and a pleasant sensation of freshness. This skin perfecting deodarant also works to slow down hair regrowth and visibly improve the appearance of the skin so that you can enjoy your fresh new underarms for longer! 

Light and delicate fragrance: Lightweight yet powerful this deodarant has a pleasant scent of freshness that is designed to soften and improve the appearance of the underarms. 
Double-strength: Not 24 hours of antiperspirant effectiveness but 48 hours of pleasant sensation of freshness! 
Skin perfecting: This deodarant slows down hair regrowth, and visibly improves the texture of the skin.

Key Ingredients:
Extracts of bamboo and green tea: Helps maintain healthy, radiant and supple skin.

How to use:

Shake before use.
Hold the aerosol upright and spray 15 cm away from the skin, onto the armpits only.

Hot Tip:
For a complete beauty routine, moisturise your skin with the Lait Hydra-Énergisant body lotion. For a burst of energy throughout the day, don’t forget your Eau de Soin Énergisante mist spray.


Q: Can I use this? A: Yes, this deodarant is suitable for all skin types! Please note that if skin is irritated or damaged do not use.

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