Parlux Alyon 2250W – Midnight Blue

Name: Parlux Alyon 2250W – Midnight Blue
Brand: Parlux
Price: $325.000000AUD
The new Parlux ALYON®, a name that evokes the meaning of power, is a combination of technology and innovation, two characteristics also expressed by its unique, prismatic finish. 
Parlux ALYON® is designed to offer professionals a high-performance products that is light-weight, durable and can be used without limiting the hairdresser’s creativity in any way. 
Providing a quick blow dry for healthier hair, the 2250 watt hairdryer is powered by a revolutionary K-Advance Plus motor for advanced drying results. Delivering 84 cubic metres per hour airflow, the hairdryer allows you to dry your hair faster to maintain healthy locks, and has ionic ceramic technology for smooth, static-free results. Lightweight, quiet and durable, the hairdryer has an in-built silencer and a variable geometric heating element with optimised heating areas to ensure more stable temperature distribution.
Also features a unique hair-free system which can be removed and cleaned to keep the device functioning at optimal efficiency. Complete with soft touch switches for user comfort, and a built-in cable flex.

Lightweight hairdryer
Ergonomic design
Air ionizer technology
Ionic ceramic technology
Built-in silencer
Built-in cable flex
Unique hair-free system
Stay cool front casing
K-Advance Plus motor has a lifespan of up to 3000 hours
2250 watts
Includes concentrator nozzle

From: Catwalk

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