OPI Infinite Shine Mexico City Move-Mint

Name: OPI Infinite Shine Mexico City Move-Mint
Brand: OPI
Price: $22.950000AUD
Infinite Shine & Long-Lasting!
Make this your next move, a soft understated, and fresh minty green. Perfect for pairing with other pastels. The Infinite Shine range is designed to extend the life and wear of your polish up to 11 days! When used together, they provide less chipping, and 25% higher shine with a stunning gel-like finish!

How to use:

After manicuring the nails, wipe to remove any excess oils or residue.
Shake to thoroughly mix the primer. Apply one coat to each nail.
Shake to mix the Infinite Shade of your choice, and apply two thin coats on each nail.
Shake to thoroughly mix Infinite Shine Gloss and apply one coat to each nail.

Hot Tip:
Work on both hands at the same time to ensure proper drying!


Q: Can you use this without the primer and top coat? A: Although you could use this on its own, it cannot guarantee as long-lasting a finish as when used together.

From: Catwalk

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