Nak Colour Masque Brights – Rouge 260ml

Name: Nak Colour Masque Brights – Rouge 260ml
Brand: Nak
Price: $27.150000AUD
Brighter, glossier days have arrived!
The new Nak Colour Masque in Rouge is a dream come true for bright hair lovers! A fuchsia red with a hint of scarlet, this semi-permanent tone has been re-imagined to include the Nak Natural Vegan Complex. This masque also contains a blend of botanicals and conditioning oils to not only create colour brilliance, but also a hydration experience with every use.
Formulated with coconut, aloe, macadamia oil, rice and pear, this masque creates perfect lustre and healthy shine in the hair. Easily applied at home, the vivid colour replenishes luxurious tone in blonde to dark colour treated hair which fades beautifully with cleansing. For soft, shiny hair look no further than the NAK Colour Masque to revitalise your colour!
Similar to Nak Colour Masque Red Rouge.

Hydrates: Keeps coloured hair hydrated and healthy. 
Tones: Semi-permanent pigment rejuvenates colour in hair. 
Softens: Hair is left soft and shiny after just one use. 
Easy-to-use: Can be applied at home in under half an hour.
Good for you: All vegan ingredients, cruelty free, sulphate and paraben free.

Key Ingredients:
Aloe Extract: Intensely hydrating, calms and cools, quenches dryness and dehydration in all hair types.
Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil creates softness in hair, enhances strength, elasticity, suppleness and shine.
Pear Extract: Rich in Vitamins, this extract provides strength and balance, as well as improving hydration memory of the hair.
Rice Protein: A nourishing protein that replenishes and conditions dry or damaged hair. Restores moisture and fortifies damaged hair.

How to use:

Please use gloves when using NAK Colour Masque
Cleanse hair with shampoo, condition porous areas if desired
Towel dry and apply selected NAK Colour Masque
Using 4-8 pumps depending on hair length
Massage and comb through to distribute evenly, leave on for 3-5 minutes
Leave on longer to increase colour intensity up to 25 minutes
To remove rinse thoroughly with tepid water until water runs clean
Condition hair using a conditioner or treatment product
Towel dry and finish

Hot Tip:
To seal in your colour, finish with the NAK Colour Fix leave in treatment! 


Q: Who can use the Nak Colour Masque?
A: This masque can be used on all hair colours! On lighter hair this colour will be more vivid, while on darker colours the pigment will appear as a tint.

From: Catwalk

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