Moroccanoil Boar Bristle Round Brush 35mm

Name: Moroccanoil Boar Bristle Round Brush 35mm
Brand: Moroccanoil
Price: $93.500000AUD
Boar Bristle Round Brush 35mm
The Moroccanoil Boar Bristle Round Brush is proven to boost your hair’s condition and shine. Suitable for medium length hair to create either a smooth straight style or a bouncy full effect. This brush is resistant to the effects of heat styling and lightweight making it comfortable to use. The bristles gently stimulate the scalp and disperses the scalp’s own oils throughout the hair, over time promoting more manageable, glamorous hair.

Natural Boar Bristle: Top quality boar bristle to promote healthy hair
Heat Resistant: Resistant to the effect of heat styling, resulting in a longer lasting brush
Lightweight Design: Allows for easy and comfortable styling

How to use:

Separate the hair into sections approximately the same width as the brush
Gently blow dry the hair from roots to ends until the section is completely dry
Roll the brush at the ends to create a wave or curl in the hair

Hot Tip:
Once you have finished blowdrying your section, roll the hair up in the brush and allow it to sit and cool slightly to set the curl and provide longer lasting body and bounce.


Q: Who is this brush best suited for?A: The size and style of this brush is best suited for medium length hair, allowing you to create either a straight or bouncy style

From: Catwalk

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