Mesoestetic Energy C Complex 4 x 7ml

Name: Mesoestetic Energy C Complex 4 x 7ml
Brand: Mesoestetic
Price: $116.700000AUD
Intensive Brightening Solution
Intensive 4-week treatment with antioxidants, hydrating and tightening action. Stimulates the skin’s ability to protect itself against free radicals. Improves the nutrition and elasticity of the skin, combating fine wrinkles and expression lines. With highly concentrated and stabilised vitamin C, it unifies and evens the tone of the skin bringing luminosity to dull lacklustre skin. Using latest reasearch and development, the incorporation of Vitamin E improves the elasticity and nutrition of the skin, combating fine lines. The combination of active ingredients provides the skin with hydration, luminosity, and reduces fine lines, and signs of ageing.

Brightening: Vitamin C brightens and evens the skin tone providing luminosity to dull and lacklustre skin.
Reduces Fine Lines: Concentrated ingredients work to promote hydration and prevent the formation of free radicals and visible signs of ageing, providing a flash lifting effect.

Key Ingredients:

Vitamin C: Applied topically, it has a dual antioxidant effect: it neutralizes free radicals in cells and contributes to vitamin E regeneration, which is essential for protection of cells’ lipid membranes.

Osilift: Ingredient extracted from oats, with immediate tightening properties. Cumulative effect for treatment of fine wrinkles and expression lines. Plant-based tightening agent with anti-wrinkle properties. Flash lifting effect.

Vitamin E: Improves the nutrition and elasticity of the skin, combating fine wrinkles and expression lines.

How to use:

Apply the contents of one pipette (1 ml) at night to the face, neck and bust area.
Ultra-concentrated vitamin C (10%) is segregated in the protective cap to keep its properties intact until the moment of use. Once the vitamin C is released, the serum must be kept refridgerated and used within 7 days.
Each vial corresponds to a week of treatment.
To maintain the skin in optimal condition, repeating the treatment every 4 months is advised.


Q: Does this help with fine lines?A: Yes! The antioxidant ingredients work to reduce effects of free radical damage, while firming ingredients tighten and reduce visibility of fine lines.

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