Label M Diamond Dust Conditioner 200ml

Name: Label M Diamond Dust Conditioner 200ml
Brand: Label.M
Price: $47.600000AUD
Diamonds are your hair’s best friend!
This new collection from Label M indulges in the finer things in life, using the light-refractive properties of genuine diamonds to unveil, sumptuous body, smooth silkiness, with the beautifying illumination of intense radiance. The unique Micro-Diamond formulation revolutionises the hair, providing up to 78% more shine, repairs and strengthens, while protecting from UV damage and enhancing and prolonging colour. The Diamond Dust Conditioner provides intense hydration, softness and bounce.

Nourishing & Reparative: Innovative ingredients intensively nourish and seal the cuticle, while boosting natural movement and providing weightless body. High protein content also improves elasticity, and allows the hair to retain moisture, providing a smoothing frizz-resistant effect!.
Enhanced Shine: Micro-Diamond Complex combines a combination of diamonds and pearl powder give your hair pearlescent properties to promote a luxurious glow and luminosity, providing up to 78% more shine!.

Key Ingredients:
Diamond Dust: Both black and white diamonds have been pulverised together to create a micro-fine diamond dust to significantly improve the delivery and penetration of nutrients into the hair shaft. The microminerals also gently exfoliate the hair follicle to remove any buildup or excess of product or toxins. This also helps thoroughly cleanse the hair, to reveal natural shine and luminosity. 
Pearl Powder: This finely milled powder sourced from quality sea pearls contain high protein content, which improves elasticity and helps retain moisture, providing anti-frizz benefits. It also creates an effective humidity barrier. The pearlescent properties of this luxurious sea pearl also help promote a luxurious glow.

Champagne: An effective cleanser, this ingredient has pH balancing benefits to help remove any product or environmental buildup, without stripping the hair of natural oils. Also full of antioxidants, it helps your hair retain moisture while sealing the cuticle. 100% alcohol-free.
White Rose Petal: Botanical natural oil extract delivers deep moisture and soothes the scalp and hair, by providing a combination of hair-enhancing fatty acids. This ingredient also restores glossiness and smoothness to dehydrated or over-processed hair.

How to use:

Apply to freshly shampooed hair.
Leave on for 1 minute.
Rinse thoroughly.

Hot Tip:
Use with complete Diamond Dust for ultimate results. 


Q: Does this have actual diamonds in it? A: Yes! To get the Diamond Dust Complex, white and black diamonds are pulverised together to create a micro-fine powder!

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