Keune Care Satin Oil Trio

Name: Keune Care Satin Oil Trio
Brand: Keune
Price: $79.950000AUD
The perfect pack for dry, damaged hair, providing moisture, hydration, and restorative properties to bring damaged hair back to life!
Contains:1 x Care Satin Oil Shampoo 300ml1 x Care Satin Oil Conditioner 250ml1 x Care Satin Oil Mask 200mlSatin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner has Dual Technology, essential minerals that are directly delivered to the hair’s structure, nourishing and strengthening each strand from the inside out. Dull, dry hair is transformed into silky-soft strands with an otherworldly sheen. Every Satin Oil product beautifies without adding grease or weight.Satin Oil Mask is the beauty phenomenon that notably improves the quality of the hair, making it stronger and shinier without adding grease or weight. The unique Dual Technology nourishes each individual strand from the inside out.
From: Catwalk

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