Keune Bond Fusion Phase 3 Bond Recharger 200ml

Name: Keune Bond Fusion Phase 3 Bond Recharger 200ml
Brand: Keune
Price: $29.250000AUD
Recharge at home! 
The Keune Bond Fusion Phase 3 Bond Recharger is a nourishing and recharging treatment specifically created for home use to prolong the Bond Fusion service.
After having the Bond Fusion Phase 1 and 2 salon treatment done, the Bond 3 treatment extends the effects of these treatments and can be applied at home!
When used once a week, the Bond Fusion Phase 3 nourishes and recharges the strengthened hair, conditioning and new bonds created in the previous treatments. Restores the hair’s strength and softness. 

Home Friendly: Nourishing and recharging treatment is specifically created for home use to prolong Bond Fusion service. 
Conditioning: Adds up to 5 times more conditioning after 5 washes, compared with benchmark brands.
Strengthening: Makes hair easier to comb, up to 43% less breakage (based on +1000 comb strokes).

Key Ingredients:
Protein Fusion System Technology: Strengthens the hair follicle and increases elasticity, resulting in less breakage.

How to use:

Apply once a week on towel-dried hair.
Leave on for at least 5 minutes.
Rinse and then follow with suitable Keune shampoo and conditioner as normal.

Hot Tip:
Pair with the Keune Care Vital Nutrition range to help restore the moisture balance for damaged hair! 


Q: Who is this treatment suitable for?
A: This treatment is perfect for those with damaged, dry hair, specifically colour processed and bleached hair! Make sure to treat yourself to the Bond Fusion 1 and 2 salon treatments, and then follow up with the Bond Fusion 3 treatment weekly to maintain and continue nourishing and recharging your hair.

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