id Hair Elements Magic Brush Titanium

Name: id Hair Elements Magic Brush Titanium
Brand: Id Hair
Price: $14.950000AUD
Magic Detangling Brush! 
Eliminates tangles and knots. IdHAIR elements Magic Brush is an innovative hair brush which glides gently through the hair. The secret lies in the mix of short and long teeth that are designed to glide through without pulling tangled hair. Magic Brush does the work in minutes – painlessly and effortlessly for stress free brushing.

Magic Brush: A mixture of short and long bristles help detangle without tugging or pulling the hair! 
Colours: Available in Silver, Titanium, Gold and Purple

How to use:

1. Brush gently through your tangled and knotted hair with the IdHair elements magic brush

2. Enjoy your ultra soft and shiny tangle-free hair. All done very quickly with no discomfort

From: Catwalk

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