Goldwell Stylesign Creative Texture Matte Rebel Clay 75ml

Name: Goldwell Stylesign Creative Texture Matte Rebel Clay 75ml
Brand: Goldwell
Price: $18.550000AUD
Unleash your creativity!
The Goldwell Stylesign Creative Texture Matte Rebel Clay gives any hairstyle a cool, new texture! From shiny sleek styles to rough and disheveled looks, the Matte Rebel Clay has you covered. A classic clay with a strong mattifying effect.
Ideal for short hair lengths. The Stylesign Creative Texture Paste is perfect for fine-normal hair structures, as it puffs up the hair, and is suitable for straight and wavy hair types! 

FlexPROtec complex: Provides color & heat protection and contains UV-filters.
Great Fragrance: Musky & woody – with grapefruit and apple notes
Easy-to-use: Creates a rough, extremely matte texture and a super dry finish.

Key Ingredients:
Polymers: Product-specific styling polymers for quick & easy stylingBamboo proteins: Help to keep the style natural & flexibleElastomer + UV Filter: Unique elastomer paired with UV filter protects the hair from premature color fade, damaging effects of heat styling and UV light

How to use:

Rub it in your hands and work into dry hair.
Style as desired.

Hot Tip:
Matte Rebel is great for a second day look and a dry/matte effect. Ideal for fine-normal hair, as it puffs up the hair.


Q: Who can use the Matte Rebel Clay?
A: This clay is ideal for anyone looking to create a textured hair style. Suitable on short hair types, let your creativity run wild with the Matte Rebel Clay!

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