Fanola No Yellow Shampoo 350ml

Name: Fanola No Yellow Shampoo 350ml
Brand: Fanola
Price: $21.500000AUD
Fanola has become the leading brand for toning and maintaining beautiful blonde hair, just the way you like it! 
No Yellow Shampoo is the most popular blonde toning shampoo on the market to date. It is ideal for super-lightened or de-coloured hair. No Yellow Shampoo is your go-to for maintaining your perfect blonde in between salon visits. Professional-strength strong violet pigment effectively tones unwanted yellow in bleached, light blonde or streaked hair and makes blonde brighter and shinier. Bleached blondes will be left with gorgeous ashy and cool tones. Hydrolyzed silk softens the hair and while the sherbet scent leaves your hair feeling luxurious and fresh out of the salon!
It is recommended to be used once a week to make your colour last between salon visits, and keep away unwanted brassy or yellow tones.
Italian made, all ingredients cruelty-free and are not tested on animals. This product shows best results on levels 9 and 10.
From: Catwalk

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