Eye Of Horus Sacred Earth Palette

Name: Eye Of Horus Sacred Earth Palette
Brand: Eye of Horus
Price: $85.000000AUD
Sunkissed goddess 
The Sacred Earth Palette is an all-in-one complexion palette to transform your skin and eyes to a sunkissed radiant goddess. Formulated with mineral pressed powders that are enriched with nine organic plants to create a natural ethereal glow. This palette has all the essentials you need to create a day to a night time look! 
Suitable for all skin types and tones. 

Pure Mineral Pigments: Eye of horus pressed powders are high performing, long-wearing, crease proof and are 100% naturally derived using organic vegan ingredients.
Anti-aging bio actives: Derived from natural botanical preservatives, the powders are boosted with anti-aging bio actives to prevent creasing/aging of the skin. 
Ingredient friendly: 100% naturally derived, 100% organic, chemical free, cruelty free, vegan and talc free!

Key Ingredients:
Pure Desert Clay: Replaces Talc and keeps colour locked in for longer.
Nurturing Moringa: Highest antioxident known with essential moisturizing and healing benefits.
Golden Seal: Protects delicate eye area and acts as an antibacterial.
Olive Leaf Extract: An Anti-Aging fighter and anti-inflammatory.

How to use:

Apply Persian Peach or Sienna Blush to cheeks and eyes for a healthy looking vibrance.
Add Bronze Ochre bronzer to contour cheekbones, nose and anywhere else you desire extra definition.
Use Luxor Light highlighter to highlight cheek and brow bones for an ultimate glowing look.

Hot Tip:
This natural formula can be applied effortlessly to enhance your natural appearance! 


Q: I have sensitive skin can I use it? A: Yes you most definitely can! All ingredients are derived from organic plants and are gentle on your skin. I would recommend to always do a little patch test before trying out the products 🙂

From: Catwalk

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