Eye of Horus Liquid Define Eye Liner Babylon Brown

Name: Eye of Horus Liquid Define Eye Liner Babylon Brown
Brand: Eye of Horus
Price: $30.000000AUD
Award Winning, amazingly easy to use, the liquid liner pen draws a gorgeous deep Brown line on the lid, creating perfect definition and more natural look. Our Liquid Define is the ultimate long wearing, waterproof liquid liner pen. Unlike other liners, the precision tip pen provides smooth and controlled application every time and easily draws a thin or thick line in one sweep. The Liquid Liner wont budge. The formula dries, almost instantly, and wont imprint on eyelids. The felt tip is fantastic for beginners. Some of the benefits of our Liquid Define Liner:

Long Lasting
Smudge proof
Instantly dries
Waterproof/Resistant Pen like applicator

If the liquid liner seems to be dry remember you can easily prime it. To prime the Liquid Define, and get the liquid to the tip of the felt pen, pull off cap and turn it upside down like a cup and carefully bend the tip slightly to point down inside the cupped lid to push liner liquid to tip. This will keep the liquid in the barrel filled to the tip, and a beautiful full line.

From: Catwalk

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