Eye of Horus Artistry Lip Liner Royal Orchid Mauve

Name: Eye of Horus Artistry Lip Liner Royal Orchid Mauve
Brand: Eye of Horus
Price: $32.000000AUD
The Artistry Lip Liners were designed to compliment the Bio Lipsticks for a complete full look with incredible staying power.
Create the perfect outline with our creamy, richly pigmented calligraphy liner, in an easy mechanical pencil.
Royal Orchid is the perfect deep mauve shade, outline lips for a seductive and dramatic effect. Pair with Cleo Plum Goddess Lipstick.

The Goddess Artistry Lip Liner in Royal Orchid is designed to compliment the Goddess BIO Lipsticks, for a complete full lip look with incredible staying power. They can also double as an individual lip colour themselves when applied all over lips. 
Royal Orchid  Artistry Lip Liner will prolong the wear of your lipstick and prevent the colour from bleeding or feathering.
Create the illusion of bigger fuller lips with the precise artistry tip by drawing around the outside line of the lips.
Using a liner which is just one shade darker than the lipstick, creates a 3D effect, making the lips appear more plump.
The revolutionary liner design features a retractable pencil with built in sharpener for a sharp precise point every time.

From: Catwalk

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