DuBoa 80 Brush Large – Purple

Name: DuBoa 80 Brush Large – Purple
Brand: DuBoa
Price: $29.950000AUD
Detangle & Nourish!
This unique Japanese-made brush is designed to be suitable for all hair types, from fine fragile hair, to thick knotted tresses, to detangle without damaging the hair. The flexible nylon bristles are ideal for detangling, and are gentle enough not to cause breakage, or tear the hair, allowing for easy detangling. This brush also helps spread the natural scalp sebum through the lengths of the hair to promote hydration, and conditioning and give your hair a gorgeous shine.

Detangling: Flexible nylon bristles are ideal for detangling, with enough grip to brush through knots without tearing or breaking the hair.  
Nourishing: Helps spread the natural oils and sebum from the scalp through the lengths to nourish and provide shine. 

How to use:

Brush through hair, detangling from the ends and working up 
Once finished, brush from roots to ends to spread natural oils through the hair.

Hot Tip:
Be cautious when using brush with heat as this may damage the bristles. 


Q: Is this suitable for thick, knotty hair? A: This brush is ideal for all hair types!

From: Catwalk

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