Dermalogica Cleansing mitt

Name: Dermalogica Cleansing mitt
Brand: Dermalogica
Price: $6.500000AUD
Quick-drying, nonporous silicone that resists bacteria buildup and provides a deep poor cleanse for fresh rejuventated skin.How to use:1. Apply Your (dermalogica) cleanser onto mitt & swipe mitt on your faceA. ForeheadB. Down the sides of the nose & cheeksC. Across the jawline & chin2. Work DryIn circular motion, passage product into skin using mitt.A. Circle product across foreheadB. Nose, eyes, cheek & jawlineC. Circle over chin including mouth area & the neck3. Emulsify Wet hands & massage the skin to create a milky emulsion.Rinse thoroughly.
From: Catwalk

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