Cricket Platinum Static Free 8 Row Brush

Name: Cricket Platinum Static Free 8 Row Brush
Brand: Cricket Brushes
Price: $7.950000AUD
8 Row Round Brush
The 8 Row Small Round Brush is ideal for styling, straightening, creating volume or tight curls. The ‘stay-put’ ball tips helps eliminate fly away hair and is ideal for creating tight curls. Non-slip rubberised handle provides maximum control for shaping and styling your hair. 

Static Free: Reduces fly-aways and static, leaving hair smooth.
Stay Put Ball Tips: Soft on the scalp and prevents hair from any damage. 
Ergonomic Non-Slip Handle: Non-slip handle makes the brush easy to use and control.

How to use:

Section hair, and start from the roots to the ends of the hair while using a hairdryer 
Style as desired

From: Catwalk

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